Modern Christianity (is not as bad as some of you make it out to be)

I will start this entry by stating that (as you should know) I am not religious. I was born and raised in the Bible Belt; and until my very late teens, everyone I knew was either Baptist, Southern Baptist, or Methodist. I have been immersed in Christian culture. Call me a double agent that was so deep under cover she almost began to believe her own con. My point is: I have eaten, danced, prayed, talked, walked, played, lived with these folk my entire life. I’m here to tell you that they are not all the way many of you, my anti-theist friends, portray them.

In the past week I have seen many “Religious people don’t actually believe that stuff, they just go along with it,” “Christians are homophobic,” “Christians are a hatemongering, bigoted group of thundercunts,” “Believers don’t even buy into their bullshit, they know it is fake” tweets. (These are all fictitious examples, created to represent the multitude I have seen recently on Twitter.) I am mind blown by these statements, people. I have no clue what sort of folk you interact with. Browsing someone’s feed moments ago, I read that you’d get more social interaction at Denny’s than inside of a church. Really?? Perhaps, it has something to do with growing up in rural America. I do not know. But I know that if I chose any of the churches in my area to visit tomorrow for worship, I would be welcomed and (more than likely) invited over for lunch. These “bigoted thundercunts” are the friendliest group of thundercunts I have ever been introduced to. Much like the twitterverse, churches are families where they welcome new additions.

My Christians and Your Christians seem like different species. Today, a friend told me that homophobic remarks upset her greatly. She’s got tattoos and watches zombie movies. She’s a devout Christian. Another friend is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She runs marathons, voted for Obama, and believes in evolution (at least the god-assisted kind). Devout Christian. A much older friend has been through many of the same situations I have gotten myself into, even kissed a girl when she was 17. The most caring and accepting person on this planet. Period. Devout Christian.

And they all believe the stuff they read and hear. Why? Because when you are devoted to something, the closer to it you feel. The closer you feel, the more devotion you give. I’ve been there. I know. While it may sound ridiculous to many of you, being Christian is easy. It was easy for me to fall in love with god once I put my mind to it… Maybe this is something akin to hypnosis or brainwashing, but if you believe god exists, and try to focus on “him,” you do feel a presence. It’s like a warm embrace.

Inside your head.

Do I believe it is made up? Yes.

Do I think science can somehow explain it? Absolutely.

What I am trying to get at is merely that your comments show your ignorance of what a religious person goes through. I’m not trying to be high and mighty. I only want to help you understand them so that you are better able to reach them.

On the same plane, some religies are similar to what your perception of them is. My family, for example, is very anti-gay. My older sister hasn’t even kissed her boyfriend of two years yet. But, despite all their faults, their motto is “We accept people as they are and not how we might wish them to be.” My father is one of the most intelligent people I know. (It always stunned my last boyfriend how a man so smart and logical could come to the conclusion that god existed.) Being Christian isn’t synonymous with being stupid. (I would be more inclined to call religion a mental illness or a disease which can be contracted, and, similarly, cured… But that’s a personal opinion.)

So, before I say goodnight, I just wanted to say that maybe you need to show a little compassion, instead of angrily trying to deconvert them. If you show more love and spend less time acting “insulted by their lack of intelligence”, you might have better luck proving your point and that stereotype of atheists being arrogant sons of bitches might be preached less. We could provide the vaccine, my friends.

Much love,


P.S. I know those other Christians are out there, the ones who damn everyone and tell atheists to die. I do. (I live next to the university founded by the man who told America that Katrina happened because of the gay population, that “if you’re not a born again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being,” and AIDS is god’s punishment on everyone for tolerating homosexuality.) There are less of them than you might be willing to believe.

2 thoughts on “Modern Christianity (is not as bad as some of you make it out to be)

  1. I read through some of your post and I wanted to say, well there’s not much…life is hard…and it’s complicated…and I’m sure you know that … But I hope it gets better and stays well in everything you do…

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