My Life in the Classroom

They say teaching is a fulfilling career but if you determine success by the size of your wallet, you should not consider it. Money has never mattered much to me (despite how freely I spend it) and children own my heart. It would seem I was cut out for teaching from the start. I have […]

So You Think You’re Bipolar?

(Excerpt from a Journal Entry — September 22nd, 2013) I scrolled through Vine, trying to focus on any one single thing for a minute. Using Vine to focus? That’s hysterical.  The constant rush of emotions and thoughts, swirled through my head like water. (At least, that’s what it felt like: a giant, rubber ball halfway filled with water […]

Calling All Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

My boyfriend is starting a company in our area (I’m doing my best to help him out). He discovered the solution to a problem the city does not yet know it has.  As we are still in the idea stage, my questions for you are simply as follows: 1. How has your entrepreneurial experience been? […]

Modern Christianity (is not as bad as some of you make it out to be)

I will start this entry by stating that (as you should know) I am not religious. I was born and raised in the Bible Belt; and until my very late teens, everyone I knew was either Baptist, Southern Baptist, or Methodist. I have been immersed in Christian culture. Call me a double agent that was […]

Of Presidents, Assholery, and Much Too Cold Weather

A piece of me dies each time the weather drops below fifty, so what on Earth am I doing here? This was the thought that greeted me at 6:30 a.m. on Monday. It flickered through my mind as I stood in line, waiting to go through a metal detector, but I ignored it. I was […]

Morality: Not Just for the Religious Anymore

One fact about me that my parents cannot seem to wrap their minds around, is how religion–Christianity specifically–could creep me out. [The entire idea of Big Brother watching us, the fate of your body after death resting on whether or not you believed strongly enough in B.B. to warrant “life” or eternal damnation, being “filled […]


Evil exists. Bad, violent people exist. This is a fact of nature. What is not a fact of nature is how easy it is for bad, violent people to get their hands on assault rifles. We are perfectly capable of minimizing the amount of violence that enters our schools across the nation; however, right-wingers disallow […]